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7 pc. High Flow Push-to-Connect Coupler and Plug Kit - Flexzilla Pro


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Product Summary

The Flexzilla Pro High Flow 7-Piece Kit is an essential set of tools designed for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who demand high performance, durability, and ease of use in their pneumatic tools and accessories. This comprehensive kit includes a range of components to optimize your air system and ensure efficient air flow. The kit includes high-flow components that minimize air restrictions, allowing your pneumatic tools to operate at their maximum potential. This enhances performance, reduces pressure drop, and increases productivity. All components in the kit are constructed from premium materials to ensure longevity and performance. They are built to withstand the demands of professional use in various industries. The Flexzilla Pro Reusable End allows you to repair or customize your hoses, saving you time and money. It ensures a secure and leak-free connection. The Flexzilla Pro High Flow Coupler and Plug are compatible with most industrial interchange connectors, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of pneumatic tools and equipment. The kit's components feature a unique push-to-connect design that allows for quick and effortless connections, minimizing downtime and boosting productivity. Whether you're using air tools in automotive repair, construction, woodworking, or any other application, the Flexzilla Pro High Flow 7-Piece Kit enhances your air system for optimal performance. The Flexzilla Pro High Flow 7-Piece Kit is a professional-grade solution for those who rely on pneumatic tools and equipment for their work. With its high-flow components, durability, and ease of use, this kit enhances your air system, allowing your tools to perform at their best. Whether you're a contractor, mechanic, or DIY enthusiast, this kit is a valuable addition to your toolbox.


  • Packaging Length: 8.75"
  • Packaging type: Carded Pack
  • Push-to-connect plugs and couplers
  • Ideal for spray guns and impact tools
  • Increased efficiency
  • Flexzilla high flow couplers and plugs double the amount of air flow to your tools
  • 1/4 In. NPT
  • 1/4 Pulg NPT
  • 1/4 PO NPT

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    8.75" x 3.50" x 1.50"
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