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5 pc. Paint Roller, Tray and Grid Kit - Better


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Product Summary

The 5 Piece Trim Paint Roller and Tray Kit is a comprehensive and convenient set designed to simplify your painting projects, particularly those involving trim work and smaller surfaces. This kit includes essential tools that help you achieve a professional finish while reducing mess and effort. The included trim roller cover is specifically designed for painting trim, edges, and smaller surfaces. Its compact size ensures precise application and reduces the risk of accidentally painting adjacent areas. The paint roller frame is compatible with both the trim roller cover and standard roller covers, adding versatility to your painting toolkit. It securely holds the roller cover in place for consistent and even coverage. The paint tray is designed to hold a sufficient amount of paint for your project, reducing the need for constant refilling. It has a flat, stable base to prevent spills and mess. The roller handle is compatible with both the trim roller cover and standard roller covers. It provides a comfortable grip and smooth rolling action, making your painting tasks more efficient. With the right tools at your disposal, you can achieve professional-quality results. This kit is perfect for painting trim, baseboards, window frames, and other small to medium-sized surfaces. The 5 Piece Trim Paint Roller and Tray Kit helps you work more efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to complete your painting projects. All the components in this kit are easy to clean, allowing for quick and hassle-free maintenance between painting sessions. While designed for trim work, this kit can also be used for touch-ups and smaller painting tasks in various areas of your home or workspace. The 5 Piece Trim Paint Roller and Tray Kit is a practical and comprehensive solution for achieving professional painting results on trim and smaller surfaces. With its versatile tools and efficient design, this kit simplifies your painting projects and helps you achieve clean, precise, and mess-free results.


  • Length: 14.75"
  • Packaging type: Poly Wrap
  • Better quality for smooth to semi-smooth surfaces
  • Kit Includes: Paint Grid, Paint Tray, (2) Paint Rollers, and Roller Frame
  • Better paint pickup and release
  • For all paints and sheens
  • High density fabric
  • Smaller size designed for trim and border painting

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    14.75" x 9.13" x 2.50"
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