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300' Flexible Construction Tape Measure - Crescent Lufkin


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Product Summary

The Crescent Lufkin 300' Tape Measure is a high-quality, professional-grade tool designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements for a wide range of construction and surveying tasks. With its extended length and durable construction, this tape measure is a dependable choice for professionals who require precision and durability in their work. This tape measure offers an impressive 300-foot length, making it suitable for large-scale construction projects, land surveys, and other applications where long-distance measurements are essential. The Crescent Lufkin tape measure is constructed from premium materials, including a strong and flexible tape that resists stretching and wear over time. The housing is rugged and designed to withstand job site conditions. The tape features clear, easy-to-read markings in both standard and metric units, allowing for precise measurements. It ensures that your measurements are accurate, reducing errors in construction and surveying work. The tape measure's housing is built to be durable and impact-resistant, protecting the tape and internal components from damage during use and transport. The tape features large, high-contrast numbers and markings, making it easy to read even in low-light conditions or from a distance. The tape has a smooth and reliable retraction mechanism that ensures the tape is easily wound back into the housing after use. This feature helps extend the tape's lifespan. The end hook combined with end ring is designed to be versatile and can be securely hooked onto a variety of surfaces, including edges, nails, and corners, allowing for accurate measurements in various scenarios. The Crescent Lufkin 300' Tape Measure is a tool trusted by professionals in the construction, surveying, and engineering fields due to its precision and durability. The tape measure is ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip, making it easy to hold and use for extended periods without discomfort. The Crescent Lufkin 300' Tape Measure is a reliable and durable tool for professionals who require accurate measurements over long distances. Whether you're working on construction projects, land surveys, or any task that demands precise measurements, this tape measure is built to meet your needs and withstand the challenges of demanding job sites.


  • Length: 300'
  • Packaging type: Bulk Packaging
  • Faster 3x Rewind
  • Anti-Twist Rewind
  • Combo Hook and Ring
  • Ergonomic Comfort Grip Handle
  • Features both Standard and Metric Measurements
  • Flat Base Stable Anchor Point

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    4.59 lbs
    (L x W x H)
    15.00" x 12.50" x 2.38"
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