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10 pk. Hyper Tough 11" Stainless Steel Zip Cable Ties


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Product Summary

The Hyper Tough 11" Stainless Steel Cable Ties offer a versatile and robust solution for securing, organizing, and fastening objects in a wide range of applications. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these cable ties are designed to withstand challenging environments and provide long-lasting durability. These cable ties are constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They are well-suited for applications where exposure to moisture, chemicals, or extreme temperatures is a concern. With an extended length of 11 inches, these cable ties are capable of bundling and securing larger items, cables, hoses, or equipment with ease. Their versatility allows you to tackle a variety of tasks effectively. The self-locking mechanism ensures a secure and tamper-resistant hold. Once engaged, the cable ties won't slip or loosen, providing reliable fastening and organization. These stainless steel cable ties have a high tensile strength, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. They can handle significant loads and maintain their integrity under pressure. The smooth rounded edges reduce the risk of injury during handling. From securing cables in automotive and marine environments to bundling pipes or organizing wires in industrial settings, these cable ties are versatile and adaptable to various situations. They are resistant to UV rays and extreme weather conditions, ensuring they remain effective and reliable over time, even in harsh outdoor environments. The Hyper Tough 11" Stainless Steel Cable Ties are a dependable and durable choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Whether you're working on electrical installations, plumbing projects, outdoor landscaping, or any task that requires secure fastening, these cable ties provide the strength and reliability needed to get the job done right. Upgrade your toolkit with these stainless steel cable ties, and experience the convenience and durability they bring to your projects.


  • Length: 11"
  • Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Packaging type: Resealable Polybag
  • Up to 100lb loop tensile strength
  • Ultimate corrosion resistance
  • Self-locking mechanism
  • Max Bundle Diameter: 3.25"

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    12.25" x 2.88" x 0.13"
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