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38-pc. Industrial Quality Wire Brush

38-pc. Industrial Quality Wire Brush

  • Included sizes: 8mm - 19mm in brass, nylon, and stainless steel wires
  • 100mm overall length with 50mm wire brush length
  • Ideal for cleaning, scouring, and polishing different materials with small calibers, especially glow plug and injection aperture
  • Use on soft grip handle or power tools
  • 1/4" Carbon steel shank
  • Contents: 12-pc. brass wire with .15mm diameter, 12-pc. Nylon wire with .3mm diameter, 12-pc. Stainless steel wire with .18mm diameter, 1-pc. 6" quick-release extension bar for extra long reach, 1-pc. 5-3/4" quick-release soft handle

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