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12" Combination Square SAE/MM

12" Combination Square SAE/MM


Product Summary

Invented by Laroy S. Starrett in 1883, the combination square has proved to be indispensable in woodworking, masonry and metalwork over the decades. Combination square sets include a ruler and one or more interchangeable heads that can be affixed to it. 12-inch combination squares are common, and adjustable square heads available as well. Combination squares are often used for measuring angles and industrial things properly. They can also be applied to various tasks to determine flatness, divine spherical centers and even gauge depths.


  • Length: 12.13"
  • Construction: Steel
  • Packaging Type: Carded Pack
  • Stainless steel ruler with SAE and metric graduations
  • Heavy duty die-cast steel heads
  • Copper-plated aluminum adjustment knobs
  • Smooth precision-milled channel
  • Weighted durability and balance


  • 1 pc. square head (90 degree and 45 degree) with level and detachable scribe
  • 1 pc. stainless steel ruler
  • 1 pc. center head
  • 1 pc. adjustable protractor head

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