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12" Indexible Nail Puller Extractor - Gear Wrench

12" Indexible Nail Puller Extractor - Gear Wrench


Product Summary

Tackle your next renovation or demolition project with the latest innovations from GearWrench. These tools are designed around powerful innovations that allow the user to attack projects from the best angle, adjust your tool to fit the task at hand, and just get the job done faster and easier than before. The GearWrench series of tools offers a wide array of demolition and renovation tools. The indexing nail puller has 14 locking positions for quick adjustments up to 180° for maximum leverage. Designed to reach between studs, joist, and other tight work spaces, this indexing nail puller will help you get the job done every time!


  • Length: 10.5"
  • Packaging Type: Hanging Card
  • Indexable to 180 degrees
  • 14 locking positions
  • Fits nail sizes 4D to 10D

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