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Tactical Defense Bulletproof Plate Carrying Velcro Molle Vest - Olive Drab Green

Tactical Defense Bulletproof Plate Carrying Velcro Molle Vest - Olive Drab Green


Product Summary

This Tactical Defense Kevlar Bulletproof Plate Carrying Velcro Molle Vest is designed to check all the boxes. Crafted to meet the needs of every potential person wearing one of these tactical vests. Providing options for bulletproof plate carrying you can choose the proper round or flak defense you need and insert it into the designed plate carrying pockets. However, these vest are more than just plate carriers; they are designed to provide the ultimate attachment and customization options. With a front and back space providing not only Molle attachement options, but also hook and loop gear and pouch attachment options; these vest are ready to be geared up for whatever you may face.


  • Vest Front Height: 15.75"
  • Vest Front Width: 11.5"
  • Features most versatile web straps which allow for the attachment of most functional MOLLE Web Accessories as well as Velcro Hook and Loop attachement of modular pockets/pouches and gear
  • Heavy duty, quick-release buckles to insure secure fit
  • Fully adjustable and molle customizable hip straps for ultra secure fit and readiness
  • Interior plate carrying pockets on front and back
  • Heavy duty drag rescue handle built into shoulder straps
  • Adjustable straps for most accommodating width and height adjustment
  • Flexible size, one size fits most
  • Kevlar Bulletproof Plates Not Included

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