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Corona Tree and Shrub Root Water and Irrigator

Corona Tree and Shrub Root Water and Irrigator


Product Summary

ComfortGEL lawn and garden tools were made for exceptional comfort and control. Specifically engineered and developed tools to provide you with hand-held solutions to cultivate, weed, till and maintain your property. Repair your lawn, edge a border or prepare a garden bed with comfort and innovative features.


  • Length: 36.5"
  • Packaging type: Bulk
  • Provides water or fertilizer direct to the roots for healthy growth
  • Prompts trees to grow roots deeper and further from trunk for longevity
  • Eliminates water runoff and evaporation
  • Detachable, universal, 3/4 in. shut off brass valve makes it easy to control the water flow
  • Corona MAX Grip
  • Depth markers of 12 in., 18 in. and 24 in. for precise watering of tree roots

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