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430 PC. Stainless Steel Chrome Bearing Ball Assortment - Cal-Hawk CZCB430

430 PC. Stainless Steel Chrome Bearing Ball Assortment - Cal-Hawk CZCB430


Product Summary

Metal balls are rolling, spherical elements that are used in check and ball valves, bearings, and other mechanical devices that provide rotary or linear motion. They are usually made from alloy steel, carbon steel or stainless steel. Metal balls are characterized by the Outer Diameter, Permissible Deviation, Surface Roughness and Tolerance. The Outer Diameter (OD) is the overall width or average diameter of the ball. Permissible Deviation is the greatest radial distance in a radial plane between a sphere around the metal ball surface and any point on the ball surface. Surface Roughness measures the irregularities that form on the surface, but are not significant deviations. Basic diameter Tolerance is the maximum allowable deviation average diameter from the diameter specified.


  • Packaging Length: 9"
  • Packaging: Reusable Storage Container
  • High quality stainless steel, strong and durable can bear heavy loads
  • Rust and corrosion resistance
  • Smooth polished surface
  • Reduce friction during bearing rotation and cause less damage to the machine


  • 50 pcs. 3/32"
  • 50 pcs. 5/32"
  • 50 pcs. 7/32"
  • 30 pcs. 9/32"
  • 30 pcs. 11/32"
  • 20 pcs. 13/32"
  • 50 pcs. 1/8"
  • 50 pcs. 3/16"
  • 50 pcs. 1/4"
  • 30 pcs. 5/16"
  • 20 pcs. 3/8"

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