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Ninja Toy Weapon with Metal Chain Attachment - Red

Ninja Toy Weapon with Metal Chain Attachment - Red


Product Summary

Featuring our wildly popular foam padded, plastic core handles, these toy weapons are perfect for practice or play. As most students know, even the slightest change in a weapon's design can seriously alter its handling characteristics. So before you take the giant leap to wooden or metal, why not give yourself a gradual transition with these foam chucks? Give yourself and your martial arts training a fighting chance. Add a pair of these amazing ninja toys to your cart today!


  • Length: 12.5"
  • Construction: Foam and Metal
  • Packaging: Polybag
  • Handles wrapped in thick foam for safety and comfort
  • Metal Chain attachment allows for realistic swinging and practice
  • Perfect for the Martial Arts or Ninja enthusiast

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