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1-1/2" Quick-Grip D Locking Handi-Clamp Grip Vise - Irwin

1-1/2" Quick-Grip D Locking Handi-Clamp Grip Vise - Irwin


Product Summary

This IRWIN QUICK-GRIP 4-Inch Handi-Clamp provides reliable material holds with strong, arched arms. Its 3-inch throat allows you to position the tool's jaws deep on a material surface, so nothing snaps out of place under pressure. This Irwin Handi-Clamp has a 4-inch capacity that surrounds thick stock with sturdy jaws for a secure hold. A QUICK-RELEASE trigger removes pressure instantly to save you time when you need to change the position of your grip or clean up after a project. The Quick-Grip Handi-Clamp has arched jaws that stay out of the way while you work with wide-lipped materials or stock with irregular edges. A ratchet mechanism near the handles adjusts the pressure of the grip to reduce fatigue while you set up your workspace.


  • Length: 7.75"
  • Construction: Resin
  • Packaging Type: Bulk Packaging
  • Throat Depth: 1.5"
  • Patented ratcheting mechanism provides adjustable clamping pressure and significantly reduces hand force required to generate clamping pressure
  • High-tech resin construction
  • Quick-Release trigger allows for fast and easy positioning and release

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