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Double Eagle WWII MP40 Grease Gun Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle

Double Eagle WWII MP40 Grease Gun Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle


Product Summary

It wouldn't be doubtful that you will have a lot of fun with this gun. The special design of its exterior suggests why it is so popular as a Plinker's choice. It certainly provides a really good value with the consideration of the price. This rifle is a replica of a real one with a 1:1 ratio. This version is a spring gun and you have to cock it every time before you fire. Its good looks and and extremely light body, make it one of the best beginning gun for starter and it would also be a good companion in CQB or backyard battles. This is a spring airsoft gun so all you have to do is cock it and shoot. It's fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained. The gun does not require any gas or batteries to operate, it's ready for action right out of the box. If you're looking for a fun, reliable airsoft gun that looks and performs great, then look no further. You're bound to have a blast with this gun.


  • Length: 33.5"
  • Packaging: Poly Bag
  • Spring Powered - No Gas Or Batteries Needed
  • Lightweight and Durable Construction
  • Realistic Look and Feel
  • Ultra-compact design for close quarter battles
  • Magazine Holds 30 rounds
  • Fires up to 250 FPS
  • Folding Stock
  • Includes shoulder carrying strap

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