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Beretta PM12S Spring Powered Replica Airsoft Rifle

Beretta PM12S Spring Powered Replica Airsoft Rifle


Product Summary

The Beretta PM12S spring-powered submachine gun is a reliable and easily concealable airsoft gun that excels in intense airsoft skirmish warfare. This gun sports a clear & black plastic body and is an authentic replica of its Italian real firearm counterpart. The PM12S features a full metal internal barrel for optimal performance, a high-capacity 166 rd magazine, and a shot velocity of 250-265 fps (using .12g BBs). Spring guns are among the most reliable airsoft guns because they have very few breakable components that can inhibit firing. Must be manually cocked for each shot. This rifle is spring powered, so it is more durable and reliable than fully automatic electric guns, and that also means you don't have to worry about running out of batteries or air/gas in the middle of shooting.


  • Length: 17.25"
  • Packaging: Blister Pack
  • Lightweight and Durable Construction
  • Ultra Realistic Look and Feel
  • Pistol Grip Design for Maximum Maneuverability
  • Pump Action Design
  • Fast Action Pump System
  • Magazine Holds up to 23 rounds
  • Large Capacity Reservoir Holds 285 rounds
  • Fires up to 250 FPS

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