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Quick-Clip Tool Holder - Cal-Hawk

Quick-Clip Tool Holder - Cal-Hawk


Product Summary

Perfect for the shed, garage, or workshop. This quick-tool holder can be mounted anywhere and provides ready access to tools that are in frequent use. Hang it over your work space to help keep your area feel of obstructing clutter while keeping the tools you need available with quick access. You can also utilise this tool holder in any closet or home to hold and store brooms, dust pans, and more.


  • Length: 11.13"
  • Packaging Type: Carded Pack
  • Store and remove tools quickly and conveniently with quick-clips
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant easy-to-clean chrome plating
  • 4 spring-action clips retain spring tension and secure tools safely
  • Clips slide on 11" mountable rail
  • Custom spacing for various tools
  • Space-saving, easy installation
  • Organize your garage, shed, or workshop

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